Safe K9 is an in-home canine consultation company providing behavior modification, rehabilitation, and formal dog training to the Tampa Bay area, founded in 2014 by head trainer Luis Safe.

We want to create happiness for both dogs and humans and to put an end to canine suffering. We believe humans and dogs have a disgruntled relationship, due to an immense misunderstanding of the dog by humans. This is a real problem as around the world people are getting bit and dogs are suffering, abandoned, and put down in huge numbers every year. Common thought tells us to blame the dog and specific breeds. But, the real problem is human-canine miscommunication. We bring these animals in our homes and do not know anything about them. Establishing healthy human-canine relationships through high-quality training, education, and solutions. Offering unique fully customizable programs and packages in different languages. It is mobile, providing the convenience and effectiveness of private in home dog training and solutions. Safe K9 utilizes many forms and methods of science based dog training to be able to identify and match every problem with a solution as well increasing the odds of success and sustainability.