I've known Luis for a while now, so when I decided to get my puppy, there was no doubt in my mind where he needed to go. Since bringing him to SafeK9, there has been major behavioral improvements, not to mention, no more accidents in the apartment.

Anthony Tingley

Can’t thank safeK9 enough!

Kiara Salomon

Best dog trainers in Tampa ... we adopted a second pit bull ,Layla on feb 2018 my sister and husband spoiled her and let her do whatever she wanted (I am also guilty of it) until her aggressive protective behavior wasn’t that cute anymore then everything she did she was blamed as a bad pit bull and things got even worst when the aggressive behavior turned into Layla actually biting my sister and husband. It got to the point where we couldn’t let her out In the yard bc she wanted to kill anything that move (cat, squirrel ) and one day she actually kill a rat and that’s when we realized that once her mind was made up we had no control over what she could do.. I was in tears my husband wanted to get rid of her bc she kept getting into fights with our older pit-bull rescue. Everyone in the family was scared of her except me ,I knew it wasn’t her fault she is the sweetest most protective and loyal princess you could ever meet. And that’s when we found Luis, Health mutt in the heights referred me after they saw me in tears trying Control Layla and her hurting me so bad from pulling and trying to attack another dog... I am a true believer that Luis is the ultimate dog whisperer our Layla is about to complete the training Luis put together to establish boundaries and eliminate aggression... his training is truly personalized and he worked around the many obstacles we encountered.. Layla has sensitive skin and didn’t respond to some of the training collars initially, Luis helped us with this issue until it was resolved.. she has a strong hunting instinct he was honest since the beginning and helped us understand who she is and how we could guide her into using those instincts for training rather than shaming her for wanting to be who she is ( she loves to chase shadows lol but now it’s a game rather than an obsession)

No words can express how thankful we are to Luis and how excited I am to be moving forward and start the next training chapter in Layla’s life : OFF LEASH w safek9 ... Layla now goes to armature works, Curtis hixton, lots of pet friendly breweries in the heights and behaves amazingly.. she loves training and those hunting. Obsessive instincts are now used to follow my commands and figure out how to get that yummy treat ... we labeled her as aggressive but she wasn’t aggressive she was scared, smart and miss-understood

That vacuum. The Hose, the mop and hair drier she so many times attacked and hurt me in the process are now items that she watches quietly while staying on her spot without me even holding onto the leash.. she now waits patiently to be told to greet visitors.. people are not scared of her anymore they are amazed of that beautiful and well behaved dog that loves kisses, hugs, cuddles and of course the shadows

Also worth mentioning we tried all types of trainings before Luis.. spray bottles, pet smart training ( Layla couldn’t graduate because she tried to attack another dog the day of the graduation and several times launched towards the trainer )...

safe k9 will forever be our only choice of dog training no matter how young or old our next furry family member might be we ll make sure to get them into their training programs !

Stefanny Lalk

Best dog trainer around, go check him out

John Safe

Luis is the best! Great company!!!!

Enmanuel Marie La Promesa

Wow!!! Amazing training skills and the quick ability to interact with the customer!

Yasset Grullon

Having SafeK9 come into our lives helped us establish great structure with our pup. Learning from Luis and SafeK9, with their extensive knowledge on all things dogs, it was a huge leap in understanding my 4 legged best friend in a way that I never would have if it weren’t thanks to the genuine efforts of SafeK9!

The flexibility offered by this K9 consulting company, across the board, really makes it feel like they’re main purpose is to help and make an impact!

Jason Madruga

Luis has a demeanor and methodology that not only trains the dog, but trains the owner.

Matt Campbell

Most professional presence! Our pup Kratos wasn't easy to deal with at all. Thankfully, with the help of safe k9, our family learned how to discipline Kratos in the most simple yet efficient manner. I know Safe K9 cares deeply for dogs and the need to have a bridge of communication with their owners. Thank you again!

Thalia Medina

I couldn’t ask for more out of a dog trainer. He came in and sat down with us and discussed our options. Our dog had court ordered mandatory training and no one wanted to train him due to his high aggression with out charging an arm and a leg. Luis came and we got to the root of the problem and after a few sessions I could not be happier! Thank you SafeK9!

Demi Velazquez