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Mission & Logo

Our mission is to enrich and repair the human-canine bond. Spanning over thousands of years, humans and dogs have had a long social and working relationship. We aim to bridge the current gap in communication between owners and their dogs.

Our Logo is the embodiment of our goal of creating a “SafeK9”.  The silhouette in our logo represents universality, which means working for all dogs regardless of breed, size, temperament, and past. The blue sun stream represents good things on the horizon for dogs under a perfect blue sky. The circle around the outer border represents a portal to a new world; a safe haven for dogs.

Our Story

About Us

Established in 2014 by dog trainer Luis Safé, SafeK9 has provided the Tampa Bay area with personal dog training and canine rehabilitation. Our goal is to help you comprehend your dog's individual needs and behavior, as many dogs live their lives misunderstood and unfulfilled. We specialize in instructing clients on how to teach, understand, stimulate, and build an overall better relationship with their Canine companion.

Luis Safe

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