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K9 Services

Puppy Pre-K:

Puppy Pre-K is a course designed to bring balance to your home from the very start. This marker training based program focuses on strengthening a young dogs social, emotional, and cognitive development. For puppies up to 6 months, this program helps build a great human-canine relationship from a young age. Included is SafeK9s stimulating obedience program.

SafeK9 Behavioral Therapy:

SafeK9 behavioral therapy is aimed at helping dogs with behavior issues and their owners achieve balance. Many dogs are surrendered or abandoned due to our misinterpretation of their temperament, drive, and behavior. This program establishes solid communication between you and your dog and helps you identify the problem and find an individual solution for your dog. Included is SafeK9s mentally stimulating  obedience program.

SafeK9 On-Leash/Off-Leash Obedience:

Obedience exercises are fundamental for all dogs, especially high drive breeds that need mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise. We teach commands in German and English using positive reinforcement in all environments. These exercises create a close, trusting bond between you and your dog to achieve a well-balanced relationship. We train both on and off leash depending on your needs.

SafeK9 Concierge Services:


-Stimulation Sessions

-Field Trips

-Vet Visits

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