My two dogs (Dalmatian & Pomeranian) were really running me crazy. The two of them were unruly and the trouble they were causing me was really getting out of hand. I was almost forced to get rid of them. I found SafeK9 through a friend of mine, and this guy Luis changed me and my puppies lives. I'm truly blessed to have had him work with my babies. He turned my little devil's into heavens best behaved Angels. I can't thank this guy enough, check em out!!! I can guarantee more than satisfaction. SafeK9 is the best out there

Idryiss Thomas

Beyond great. Only ones I trust with my dog, he is a handful!

Vincent C

Luis worked with me and I worked with my dog. Together we all accomplished our goals. My Doberman is a fantastic companion and I can trust her in any situation . She is also a registered service dog I rely on to perform tasks that I can no longer do. Luis gave me some advice in our training sessions and I have never forgotten those words. "Trust your dog". He also said " If you get mad, I am leaving" which to this day makes me laugh, because he was right. Once you get mad at your dog he/she shuts down and no longer wants to work with you, nor does Luis. Thanks for a great dog

Cheryl Lynn

Very knowledgeable and intelligent trainer in his field. He was a big help when it came down to train my, at the time puppy Chase. We went through the whole program, and I will say that it was so worth it. Chase is a 85 pound American Pitbull Terrier, who responds to vocal, hand gestures, learned spot training, and off-leash, as well as many other commands!!! I was completely shocked and satisfied with the outcomes.I HIGHLY recommend without a question Luis Safe. He will answer ALL of your questions and objections. And will be honest and sincere!And will make sure that you and your dog are happy.

William Rodriguez

Most knowledgable dog service company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From my first time meeting the Head Trainer, Luis Safe, I could see how much he cares for the dogs he works with, and his ambition to bring understanding to pet owners is admirable. I wouldn't recommend looking any farther than SafeK9. They really do care and offer quality care and services.

JoAnne Santiago

Can't thank Luis enough for helping us understand how to handle our dogs. Our pack grew last year from 3 to 4 when we added a new rescue to the house and the addition of the puppy energy made it difficult to manage all 4 with every day tasks. Luis taught us how to effectively set boundaries, control undesirable behavior and improve basic obedience. They are a constant work in progress, but we saw IMMEDIATE improvement in the youngest member and we continue to see progress with our older stubborn male. Don't expect any miracles, but with your commitment to your pet's training you will see amazing results!

Kyle Baker

The absolute best! Will definitely be getting my business again!

Francis Tiburcio

Luis is an awesome trainer and I haven't stopped coming to him even long after I moved away from Tampa all the way to Hawaii! His customer service is outstanding and he's always looking for ways to improve the quality of life between my family and our pets. Thanks Luis for all that you do we really appreciate your hard work and dedication to our pets!

Mathew Delgado

Very knowledgeable and attentive. Excellent and lasting results. Highly recommend for your dog training needs. Thank you, Luis!

Bob Warfield

Luis is a dog whisperer, I've never seen anyone interact with dogs like he does. SafeK9 is a reliable company with easy going methods.. A top notch organization

Rocko Rucker