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Kimberly Davis

It took Luis just a couple of hours to show me some valuable techniques to control and manage my dog Hendrix. Henny had been showing signs of aggression and leash pulling. I've only had her for 3 weeks and was about to give up. Luis showed me how to walk her with more confidence. He also showed me how to prevent her aggression attacks and how to handle them in the event I can't prevent them. I left my session with Luis feeling more positive in my ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for Henny and me!

Marcus Crescentini

My Dog was CRAZY around people and other Dogs and her future wasn’t looking good. My friend Luis was there to help my dog regain control of her emotions along with help me learn the training process so that way I was able to continue our trading after he left. It’s doesn’t get any better people !!!

Soren Sorensen

Luis has been an amazing teacher to work with.... he has done an outstanding job with our dog and especially with the owners!! I would highly recommend Luis and the SafeK9 team, they have a true passion for making a difference in man’s best friend!

Tejnauth Tulshi

Luis and Joanne are great at what they do. You can see its just not a job for them its a passion. Thats what makes them the best in the bay area. They are just great individual people to be around and there is no one else I rather train my dog and keep around my family.

Cinthia Aguinaga

Luis has done an amazing job training my Puppy Lulu. He has patience, he’s extremely reliable and professional. I highly recommend him and his company.

Matthew Gregory

I couldn't be more happy and satisfied with the services provided by Luis and SafeK9. After adopting a rescue Staffordshire Terrier, i was interested in basic obedience training. Luis's knowledge and passion for dogs is evident in his dedication and work done with my Pup Hendrix. Most people are shocked that he is a rescue based on his standout good behavior and ability to listen to commands. Luis professionalism, punctuality and industry is well worth the investment and I highly recommend.

Greilyn Castillo

By far the best dog training company I’ve ever came across. Everyone is so professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. My dogs had an instant connection with Luis and are now so well behaved! Worth every single penny ✨ my only regret was not finding them sooner!

Jason Lalk

Luis is definitely one the best trainers in the Tampa Bay Area! He has not only helped my dogs with behavioral issues but taught me as a person how to better handle them. Would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a trainer in the area!

Gianna Leal

Amazing Trainers! I own a Doberman and the trainers are amazing.

Steve Pralle

Luis did an amazing job with my puppy Guinness. From the first day, it was evident that Luis knew exactly how to communicate with Guinness. Because he knew how to communicate with Guinness, he was able to get him to do everything I hoped for. Luis is very sparing and conservative about corrections, and absolutely fostered a fun and happy connection between Guinness and me. Guinness behaves because he is my friend, not because he is afraid of punishment.

Yasset Grullon

Amazing Work, Great Communication Skills, Straight to the point, taught me a lot whenever it came to communicating with my dog and how to establish a deeper bond with my pet. I have never seen someone be able to get their way with animals in such way. Greatt!!!! Guy, very social and professional. Definitely recommend!

Jose Miolan

Luis is top quality!! Couldn’t recommend anybody better in my opinion.. responsible, professional, knows exactly what he’s doing, thank you guys for your service!!

Alex Acevedo

I was faced with the ultimatum of either giving away my precious pit or leaving my place of residence. Luckily for me I was recommended safeK9 and I didn’t have to choose either!! A calm 8-9 week process was all it took thank you so much!!


My dog used to be very unresponsive to me but after this amazing dog trainer it only took 9 weeks for him to listen to my commands. High recommend him!

Xander Blixky

Super professional, easy and smooth process!!

Mya Francis

Absolutely amazing experience with SafeK9!

Priscilla Santiago

Sweet energetic driven and knowledgeable people. They love animals and even better... They get them to listen!

Al Mac

Worked off leash with my Belgian malinois. Great program I’m happy I called!

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